Gaming (gambling) addiction and the case of life!

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Gaming (gambling) addiction. What is it?

Gaming (gambling) addiction – the state of a person in which he has an irresistible desire to gamble. In the mild stage of illness gaming addiction usually does not create problems in life. And only adds flowers to gray everyday life. But at the late stage of the disease problems can appear and sometimes very serious.

Yesterday’s incident, which occurred in the capital of Latvia, Riga characterizes the best latew level of gaming (gambling) addiction. ( By the way, Riga is the place of Evolution gaming provider, and Live casino (Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack) broadcasts are conducted from there.)

Gaming (gambling) addiction and case of live.

The man lost all the money in the casino. He then entered the office of casino and used threats to force the operator ti give him €320 and a mobile phone. And then he disappeared into the night!

Gaming (gambling) addiction and casino rubber for can be seen in this image.
Gaming (gambling) addiction and casino rubber.

The girl operator called casino security and after a while the man managed to catch. How the suspect confessed the money he stole because he was afraid to go without them to his wife! And the story would have looked pretty ordinary if it weren’t for one detail. He never brought the money to his wife, but lost it the same night at another casino! The story looks funny. But now the man faces five years in prison.  

How to beat it?

Gambling addiction is a terrible thing, but there are ways to avoid it. About this you can read in the best casino blog of our partners “” on the links bellow. 

Gaming (gambling) addiction and the case of life!
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Gaming (gambling) addiction and the case of life!
Gaming (gambling) addiction and the case of life! Gambling (gambling) addiction, a real case of life and ways how to avoid it you can find reading this article!
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