Slot volatility. High and Low.

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Slot volatility. What does it mean?

When we start playing in an online casino, we notice that different games are played differently. In some games to catch a bonus game is very easy and in others, it is almost impossible. In some bonus games, win-win will sadden us, and in other will make us jump for joy!

Slot volatility and casino girls happy can be seen here.

And if you search the Internet,  you will realize that this is the responsibility of such a parameter as volatility. Usually, games are divided into games with high volatility and low. If you talk about it very briefly then:

  • Slots with Low Volatility – Bonus games come often, but winning snooty us. Multiplying in a game is rarely more than 20-30x.
  • Slots with High Volatility – You can wait hours for the bonus game. But usually if  the bonus game comes, the winnings will be very worthy!
Slot Volatility big win Endorphina Geisha can be seen here.

Based on my experience, I will say that playing games with high volatility is much more profitable. For example, almost all games from the Endorphina provider have high volatility. But bonus games in games from this provider will always please you!

 And games with low volatility are more suitable for playing with a bonus, because they are good keep the balance.

And find games with high and low volatility and also get lucrative bonus offers you can in one of the below-listed licensed casinos.

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Slot volatility. High and Low.
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Slot volatility. High and Low.
Why different casino slots are played differently? It all depends on their volatility and the answer you will find in this post.
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